Guarantees and returns

Affected by the shipment.

Maxitel has an obligation to repair or replace a purchased good or to offer the consumer a price reduction or refund if the property in question proves to be defective or does not look or does not function as advertised.


1.You have 14 days to return your order. It may be done as long as the item is in the same condition as it was sold, without signs of misuse, in original packaging and accompanied by all the accessories that constitute it.

2.Transport costs are borne by the customer. This depends on the shipping method, payment method, weight and shipping destination

You can do this in two ways:    

1. Go to the MAXITEL counter, presenting the corresponding invoice.

2. Contact our Business Line +244 948 876 303 for information on shipping procedures.

Note: Never ship the item to MAXITEL without prior contact with the Commercial Line.

       In the event of a return, the refund of the amount of your purchase will be made after the validation of compliance with the return conditions described above, and the respective credit note will be issued.

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