In order to consistently meet the expectations and requirements of our customers, we attach particular importance to meeting high quality standards, both on our website and in executing orders and processing queries and complaints.

These quality standards include:

Principle 1: business methods

Our customers are the foundation of our success. Therefore, we strive to offer our customers the best service and the greatest possible security when shopping or receiving our services. It starts with the design of our website, goes through the processing of orders until the support after purchase or request a service.

With the exception of the items offered in the return area, our products are always original goods from the respective manufacturers, with a wide scope of delivery and functionality, in addition to full warranty. 

Principle 2: topicality

Our website and our product line are always updated, our prices are updated several times a day. Our email information system keeps customers constantly and automatically informed about the current status of their orders.

Principle 3: order processing

Thanks to the internal development of our order processing software and the handling of all internal logistics, it is possible to fully control the reliable processing of orders. As a result, we can respond to subsequent changes requested by our customers in the short term and make the desired adjustments.

Orders placed through the shopping cart on our website are usually automatic and therefore free of typos or input on our part. During collection and shipping, our own barcode system for goods control also ensures error-free processing. If the goods were delivered to the carrier, our order tracking ensures full transparency.

Through our online order management, customers with an online account can track the status of their online orders, as well as make cancellations and credit payments.

Principle 4: cancellation, return, refund, exchange and repair.

We work with the greatest possible security and convenience when making your orders. Returns are processed immediately and met according to the customer's wishes. Therefore, refunds or deliveries in return are made in the shortest possible time.

If a product has a defect within the warranty period which is subject to the obligation to comply with the agreement, the return will be forwarded immediately to the relevant supplier and returned to the customer after replacement or repair. If the possibility of a direct return to the supplier is possible, our service team will also be happy to provide the appropriate addresses and procedures.

These principles apply to private consumers. For companies, merchants and public institutions, we work in accordance with the Commercial Code.

Principle 5: Response to complaints and feedback

Our customer service team is available for complaints, suggestions and comments by email and also by phone Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm local time, Angola. Phone queries are processed immediately, emails are usually processed in one day (24 hours).

Customer notes that point to errors on our website or on our system will be checked immediately and problems will be resolved as soon as possible.

Principle 6: Data security and protection

All data on our website is transmitted using secure SSL encryption (https = secure hypertext transmission protocol). Of course, this also includes the transmission of customer personal data and the transaction data required for payment. This continuous SSL transmission ensures that all customers have the best possible data security. More information about https can be found on wikipedia.

We save and use personal data, including home address and email address only for order processing and possible returns. We only use email addresses for informational letters about orders and - if the customer does not object - for customer service and, if desired, for our own newsletter.

Generally, we do not purchase or collect address data from other sources and generally do not transmit personal data to third parties. This does not apply to our service partners who require the transmission of data for order processing, such as Skynet, UPS, DHL or our banks (e.g., debit right or financial purchase). In such cases, however, the amount of data transmitted is limited to the minimum required.

Access to customer data is only possible for specially trained employees, who are also contractually obliged to deal with them confidentially.

Principle 7: quality maintenance.

We are always working to further optimize the system and processes, with the aim of continuously increasing quality. All processes are regularly checked by management and quickly expanded and adjusted, if necessary.

However, if errors or problems occur in individual cases, the causes are immediately analyzed and the necessary solutions implemented.

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