Overview of shipping options

Select the best shipping method for your order,

Maxitel offers ideal shipping methods for any requirement. Whether with low prices through DHL Standard, EMS, LET ME TAKE, Macom Angola and Skynet more quickly via DHL Express, FedEx. In addition, you can also place your order in our store, if you prefer. On this page, you will find an overview of all available shipping methods.

Standard shipping

In Angola, the standard shipment of universal computer packages is carried out by a service provider ordered by us. If you prefer DHL to handle your package, select "DHL Package Delivery" as the shipping method.

DHL Express Package Shipment

DHL package shipping offers fast delivery times and flexible delivery options.  You can, for example, send deliveries from your laptop or a Packstation. A remittance rate between 13,361 and 14,635 Kza ( or equivalent in Euro / Dollar ) in Angolan territory

Guaranteed next business day delivery. All products marked with "express delivery possible" and are ordered on a business day until 17:00 at the latest will be delivered on the next guaranteed business day (available only in Benguela Angola). in other provinces of Angola the estimated time is between 4 to 8 days and other countries, you are between 8 to 14 days .

Transportation to large products ( Macom Angola )

For large but delicate products such as plasma TVs or large screen LCD, we offer competent professional routing specialized in such products (Angola only).

World Expedition

DHL Express, FedEx and EMS.

Benefit from experience in the worldwide transportation of branded products.

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